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Who we are

Scale architectural models provide the physical representation of a project as a fundamental support to marketing and communication activities. The better the Scale Models are, the better would be the reputation of the real project. ALMOND MODELS helps you fulfill your requirements in quality 3D model making. We take pride in every project we do and deliver with great precision in Model Making.

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About Almond Models.

Almond Models (AM) is a fast growing 3D printing/Additive manufacturing company for the production and supply of Architectural presentation models, Product design and prototyping in the city of Ibadan, Nigeria.

At Almond Models, our models and products communicate stories that will resonate the thoughts of our clients, deliver the best designed models that give solid representations. With the use of innovative proprietary technology, we guarantee superlative detailing, providing scaled renditions with optimal visual impact.

Our designers are highly skilled and passionate experts who ensure that quality is a non-negotiable products, irrespective of demands and timeframe.

Our Services


Our 3D services team are brimming with creativity! With a vast range of expertise and technology at our fingertips, the possibilities of what we can create are endless.
We work closely alongside our clients to envision, enhance and actualise their projects to the highest standards, on time and within budget.

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We employ creativity and technical expertise across multiple industries which means we have profound knowledge in finding the best solution for you.
Our collaborative approach to working means that every project of yours is in expert care.

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